How to Grow Long Hair Fast

The human hair grows at a speed of 1mm in about three days, which is around 1cm a month. In some people it can be a bit more but no more than 1.2cm a month. So, when you realize that the average hair growth cycle lasts about three to six years it does not seem possible to grow hair to become two meters long. Now, let’s assume six years is the maximum length of a hair growth cycle and you have not cut your hair in the past six years and your hair is not breaking. During the whole period your hair was growing at the maximum rate of 1.2cm a month. Following the logics of all these assumptions your longest hair that happens to be at the end of its growth cycle cannot be longer than 86.4cm.

&But you have seen pictures of people who were able to grow much longer hair than 86cm (ca 3 foot). This is achievable only with some extra help from outside. Some vitamins and minerals can help you speed up the hair growth in the short term but the only substance that has been shown to help in the long run and having no negative side effects is MSM – methylsulfonylmethane, an organosulfur compound that is a common form of sulfur found in the most living organisms. Some people who tried this nutritional supplement for longer time have also reported improved thickness of their hair, which is an additional benefit.