How to Stop Hair Loss Effectively

Most hair loss patients have no faith in existing hair loss treatments and this statement mainly applies to men. They know that male baldness has been accompanying men for thousands of years and do not bother trying to change it. In addition, they know that most treatments are ineffective and often just being a scam. However, there are two medications that have been approved for treating hair loss in male patients not only by the US health authority FDA but also by many national health authorities in different countries around the world. These two drugs known as minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia) have been used for little more than two decades (Propecia even less than two decades) and though not being the ultimate cure for baldness, they have proved to be the most powerful hair loss treatments available, especially when used together.

Rogaine is the trademark of the first hair loss product that used minoxidil as its main active substance. Minoxidil is now available in many different products. It is always applied directly to the scalp and it comes in liquid form or as a foam. Minoxidil is also suitable for women, especially the Rogaine foam. You can find minoxidil lotions in almost any pharmacy and it is usually very cheap, especially if you decide to buy some generic product.

Propecia is probably the best known male hair loss treatment today and probably also the most effective weapon in the fight against male pattern baldness. Propecia contains finasteride as its sole active substance and besides the branded, relatively expensive product, generic Propecia is widely available at discount prices in numerous online pharmacies. Propecia is once a day pill and it requires a doctor’s prescription. It may not be used female hair loss patients.