Is Provillus Still the No.1 Treatment for Hair Loss?

Provillus has been considered for years to be the No.1 treatment for hair loss, being more effective in treating this condition than the only FDA approved treatments Rogaine and Propecia. Its rise to fame was based on the claim that it was not only more effective but also less harmful than Propecia as it was not supposed to cause any negative side effects. Provillus was and still is among the best promoted hair loss products on Internet and it pays the highest commissions in the industry to its affiliates. However, it seems that despite its great promotion it is becoming less popular over time.

But what is the reason behind its falling success? The most likely cause of its falling star were the inappropriate expectations of its users created by the strong promotional efforts. Although there seem to be some ingredients in the formula of Provillus that could be helpful in treating hair loss the promises made by its promoters and marketers seemed unrealistic. So now the question arises of what will replace Provillus. It is quite likely that another product using similar ingredients and arguments may replace this success story very soon, helping desperate hair loss sufferers spend a little money while giving them a big hope.