Is There a Hair Loss Shampoo?

There are many known types of hair loss with different underlying causes. Hair loss in some instances can happen suddenly, such as telogen effluvium or in some forms of alopecia areata but in the most cases of hereditary hair loss it takes years to notice you are balding. As a rule of thumb it can be said that you need to lose about 50% of your hair in a certain area to realize you are balding. As there are many types of hair loss there also happen to be many approaches to coping with it. The different types of hair loss treatments include hair regeneration, i.e. employing the use of medicinal (minoxidil, Propecia) as well as alternative and herbal pills and lotions, non-chemical hair loss treatment, applying low level laser light, e.g. in the form of HairMax laser comb and surgical, such as hair transplantation. However, all of them require a certain commitment that can be at times uncomfortable and it always is a lifetime commitment.

The only hair loss therapy that does not sound too uncomfortable to the patient is the hair loss shampoo since we are required to use shampoos to wash our hair for our entire life anyway. Hair loss shampoos often contain the same ingredients as some herbal or natural hair loss treatments but they are only applied to your hair for about five minutes while you wash your hair, which you have to do anyway. So, they are supposed to treat your hair loss at practically no additional effort needed. You wash them down afterwards so they do not make your hair sticky or bad smelling as many topical treatments do. Although it may sound that a miracle would have to happen should they grow you new hair, some of them really seem to thicken the hair and they do this work almost instantly. This is because they contain proteins and some other substances that can expand your hair and make it feel softer, retaining water inside hair shaft. This does the trick and makes people believe in miracles. It is obvious that such shampoos are much pricier than a regular one, but would not you spend a few extra bucks on a product that washes your hair while growing you new hair instantly?