What Are Your Options besides Pills and Topical Hair Loss Treatments?

Herbal or medicinal pills and topical treatments for hair loss are usually quite good at maintaining the remaining hair but they can hardly bring back the former glory to the most hair loss sufferers. Besides that they have to be used or applied regularly, usually twice a day for your lifetime. Therefore, many hair loss patients opt for surgical or cosmetic methods of hair replacement. Hair surgery stands out as the most satisfactory way of restoring lost hair. It is the only method that can restore a significant amount of hair and it is permanent. But it is also the most expensive method and it is not suitable for many patients. Additionally, it has to be combined with medicinal treatments that have to be taken for life in order to avoid further hair loss, which could result in unnatural patterns of baldness.

Hair systems, hair pieces and wigs are also quite expensive as they need to be frequently maintained and replaced but they do not require commitment to drugs. However, they are quite uncomfortable to wear and can under some circumstances get lose and lead to embarrassing situations. The last option for non-medical hair replacement are cover-ups called hair loss concealers. They thicken your hair either by adding fiber to your remaining hair that clings to your hair like branches to a tree trunk or they thicken the shaft of your existing hair and colour your balding scalp. These cover-ups can be very resistant to external influences such as wind or rain and are more comfortable to wear than wigs. They also seem to be the least expensive option from all three options described here. You can use them permanently or just for special occasions. However, if you do not want you baldness to progress further (as they cannot be used on a totally bald scalp) you must continue using medicinal or herbal pills and topicals. Although it may sound surprising many hair loss concealers allow you to use topical hair loss products.