What is HairMax LaserComb?

The use of low level light therapy for reducing pain, inflammation, promoting of wound healing, healing of deeper tissue and nerves, and preventing tissue damage has been known for almost 40 years since the invention of lasers. Laser caps can be today found in almost any hair transplant clinic to help heal the wounds after the hair surgery. The HairMax LaserComb is a hand-held lower level laser therapy device that contains a single laser module that emulates beams at a certain wavelength. The novelty that this device introduces is a technique of parting the user’s hair by combs that are attached to the device. This improves delivery of distributed laser light to the scalp. The combs are designed so that each of the teeth on the combs aligns with a laser beam. By aligning the teeth with the laser beams, the hair can be parted and the laser energy delivered to the scalp of the user without obstruction by the individual hairs on the scalp. This makes the delivery more effective.

The aim of the recent study was to assess the safety and effectiveness of the HairMax LaserComb device in the promotion of hair growth and in halting of hair loss in males diagnosed with hereditary baldness. This was a double-blind, sham device-controlled, multicentre, 26-week trial randomized study with male patients with Norwood-Hamilton classes IIa-V. The sham device used in the study was identical with the studied device except that the laser light was replaced by a non-active light source. Of the 110 patients who completed the study, subjects in the HairMax LaserComb treatment group exhibited a significantly greater increase in terminal hair density than subjects in the sham device group. Consistent with this evidence, significant improvements in overall hair regrowth were demonstrated in terms of patients’ subjective assessment. The HairMax LaserComb was well tolerated with no serious adverse effects reported. The results of this study suggest that the HairMax LaserComb is an effective, well tolerated and safe laser therapy device for the treatment of hereditary form of hair loss in male patients.